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January 13th, 2021 (archive)

Understanding NEC for Locations with Combustible Dust

Every day we deal with unique hazards in our industry with feed mills and grain storage facilities being recipes for explosions. Learn about NEC hazardous location classifications, types of ignition sources, NEMA enclosures types and examples, how to plan and design to reduce risks of explosions and explosion suppressions systems.

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Karl von Knobelsdorff

CEO/President of Knobelsdorff

Karl VKB

Through hard work and determination, Karl is credited with building a growing company and team based on trust and common ground by doing things the right way, the KE Way. With a lifetime of experience and working his way up in the family owned company, Karl is a self-taught licensed master electrician and holds licenses in six different states. Karl serves as Principal on the NFPA 70® Code-Making Panel 14, with an emphasis on chapter 5 special occupancies and hazardous locations, articles 500-516. Karl and his family reside in rural Goodhue, MN and enjoy spending time together in the outdoors.