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April 21st, 2021 (archive)

The ABCs of the Hemp Industry

Hemp policy was drastically transformed with the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the growing and processing of hemp. It's been a few years since the passage of this bill -- where does the industry stand now? What opportunities are available to growers and processors? Where does one begin if they're interested in expanding into this industry?

We've gathered a panel of experts that will share their experiences and challenges within the hemp industry. These speakers will relay what they see as opportunities and insights into this industry and follow up the discussion with an interactive Q&A with attendees.

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Rory Cruise

CEO, Sweetwater Hemp Co.

Rory Cruise bio

Rory Cruise has been farming for 28 years and has knowledge in all aspects of agriculture from business building and maintenance to plant and soil health. In 2017 Cruise began researching and planning, and in 2020 established Sweetwater Hemp Company as the world’s largest solventless ice water extraction facility extracting high-quality terpenes and cannabinoids. Cruise has knowledge in growing and processing hemp and is using cutting-edge equipment to make the purest Full Spectrum Oils and high-quality hemp products.


Andrew Potter

Co-Founder & CEO, Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

Andrew potter Blue Sky Hemp

With over 15 years of capital markets and strategic planning experience, Andrew Potter is well known for early identification of major trends & themes. In 2017, he co-founded Blue Sky Hemp Ventures, seizing the opportunity provided by Canada’s emerging hemp industry and a growing demand for healthy foods, sustainable industrial products and legal cannabis. Four years on, Blue Sky Hemp Ventures is rapidly emerging as a world leader in whole plant utilization delivering on Potter's vision for a zero waste operation that drives value for partners, people and planet.


Wilson Johnson

Co-Founder & Chief Agronomist. Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

Wilson johnson blue sky hemp ventures

Wilson Johnson brings deep agronomic knowledge coupled with a locals ‘lay of the land’ and is responsible for watching over up to 20,000 acres of hemp through Blue Sky’s farmer-partner network, along with the 8000 acres that have been in his family for four generations. A Bachelor of Plant Science graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, Johnson is an accomplished agronomist and entrepreneur. He founded consulting firm Soil Sense Inc. in 2004, and co-founded precision ag-tech software company FieldAlytics Solutions Canada in 2017, just prior to joining Blue Sky Hemp Ventures as chief agronomist. Johnson has a strong passion for sustainable agriculture and is extremely excited about the opportunities that hemp brings to producers, processors, consumers. He is also a board member at the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.