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June 23rd, 2021 (archive)

Plan to Prevent Fires & Explosions

NGFA's Jim Seibert discusses how to prevent grain dryer fires and dust explosions by having an emergency plan in place.

The varied structures, layouts and commodities of grain handling facilities require that each facility create a unique emergency fire containment plan. One thing all emergency plans should have in common is a pre-established relationship with first responders.

Whether a fire emergency allows for an orderly facility shutdown or requires a “cut-and-run” evacuation, maintaining control is possible.

Watch this webinar will help you establish a plan to avoid confusion and mistakes that lead to injury and property loss, as well as explain how interacting with emergency responders BEFORE an emergency is crucial.

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Jim Seibert

Director of Safety, Education and Training @National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA)

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Jim is responsible for developing new education and training materials to assist NGFA members in complying with safety, health and other regulatory requirements. He is also involved in reviewing and updating the NGFA’s extensive inventory of employee safety education, training and information materials, as well as addressing grain, feed and processing facility operations issues. Jim has more than six years of experience managing facility production and regulatory compliance inspections, and conducting ongoing safety education and process improvement projects at grain elevator facilities and feed mill locations. Jim also served as an officer both on Active Duty and in the Army National Guard, serving in several capacities in his over 20 years of military service before retiring in October 2020.