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June 10th, 2020 (archive)

All Confined Spaces are NOT Created Equal

The term “confined space entry” is often used interchangeably with “bin entry” in the grain handling industry. Grain bins certainly can be considered confined spaces, but there are distinct differences between the two, according to OSHA’s Grain Handling Standard. This webinar will dispel common misconceptions about confined space entry by comparing OSHA’s definition side by side with grain bin entry standards.

Sponsored by Pneumat Systems

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Jess McCluer

Vice President, Safety & Regulatory Affairs @National Grain and Feed Association

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Jess McCluer manages NGFA’s operational programs concerning employee safety, environmental issues, grain-handling facility design and equipment, and grain inspection and weighing issues. He’s principal staff liaison to the Safety, Health and Environmental Quality Committee and Grain Grades and Weights Committee. He joined NGFA in 2007 after serving since 2003 as a program analyst at OHSA’s Office of Outreach Services and Alliances.


Jim Seibert

Director of Safety, Education and Training @National Grain and Feed Association

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Jim Seibert is responsible for developing new education and training materials to assist NGFA members in complying with safety, health and other regulatory requirements. He’s involved in reviewing and updating the NGFA’s extensive inventory of employee safety education, training and information materials, as well as addressing grain, feed and processing facility operations issues. Seibert previously served as Production Supervisor for Cargill, Inc. in Ravenna, NE, and has more than six years’ experience conducting ongoing safety education and process improvement projects at grain elevator facilities and feed mill locations.